How-to: Battery 101 Jumping Your Battery

Step-by-Step Jumping Your Battery

Leave the headlights on all night again? No problem. Dead batteries happen, and with these simple steps you can safely recharge your DieHard battery and be back on the road in no time.

  1. Position a working vehicle facing your car so the two batteries are as close as possible without the bumpers touching. Turn off the engine, set the parking brake and pop the hood on both cars. Don't have another working vehicle close by? DieHard Portable Power can jumpstart almost any vehicle in an emergency. Follow directions specific to your portable power device.
  2. Grab your DieHard booster cables or jumper cables and connect one of the positive cable clamps to the positive post on your drained battery. Attach the other positive clamp to the positive post on the charged battery.
  3. Connect the negative DieHard booster cable clamp to the negative post on the charged battery and place the other end of the cable on an exposed piece of metal on the engine of the disabled car to ground it.
  4. Start the working vehicle and wait for at least five minutes. Attempt to start the car with the drained battery and if it hesitates, give it another five minutes. Repeat until car starts.
  5. Remove the DieHard booster cables from the batteries in the reverse order in which you attached them. Detach the negative cable clamp from the engine and the other end from the negative post on the charged battery. Then remove the positive cable clamp from the charged battery and unhook the positive cable clamp from the once drained battery.
  6. Let the car run for a least 20 minutes so the alternator can recharge the battery, and you're ready to go.