How-to: Battery 101 Recycling Your Battery

Step-by-Step Recycling Your Battery

You've removed your DieHard battery. Now what do you do with it?
Although batteries cannot be tossed in the garbage with the rest of your scraps, there are a number of different ways to dispose of your old battery. Whether you're a savvy consumer, a charitable donor or a local enthusiast, there is a recycling option just for you.

  1. Savvy ConsumerBring in your old DieHard battery to a Sears Auto Center and receive a discount when you purchase a new one.
  2. Charitable DonorAAA offers a yearly Great Battery Roundup in celebration of Earth Day and sets up local collection points for motorists to drop off their batteries. AAA even donates some of the recycling proceeds to environmental groups and charities.
  3. Local EnthusiastSome local recycling programs offer year-round battery recycling areas as a component of the program. If that is not the case in your area, both Sears and Kmart locations will happily accept old batteries in an effort to promote recycling.