How-to: Battery 101 Trickle Charging Your Battery

Step-by-step Trickle Charging Your Battery

No snowmobiling in July. No boating in December. Power sports are seasonal, but their batteries need attention all year round.

Batteries will gradually lose their charge as they sit in storage during the off-season. Avoid a dead snowmobile on the first snowfall in November by following these simple steps to keep your DieHard battery at full power.

  1. Use a trickle charger that matches your battery's output. The DieHard automatic battery charger can be used on 12-volt DieHard Gold PowerSport batteries and automatically switches to float mode after a full charge is achieved.
  2. Attach the DieHard automatic battery charger's cable clamps to the respective battery posts. The red, positive cable connects to the positive post and the black, negative cable attaches to the negative post.
  3. Push the charger's accessory plug into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. Plug the AC adapter into a 110-volt receptacle and power on.
  4. Leave the battery charger connected to the DieHard Gold PowerSport Battery and check occasionally. Be careful not to overcharge or undercharge the battery because both instances could shorten the battery's life span.