How-to’s:Maintaining Your Tractor

Step-by-Step Maintaining Your Tractor

Regular tractor maintenance not only improves the life of your machine but the life of your lawn. A well-kept tractor requires spring servicing, regular upkeep and proper storage. With these easy tips, you can maintain a great lawn by maintaining a great tractor.

  1. Spring Servicing: After months stuck in storage, subject to dirt, condensation and maybe even a rodent or two, your tractor is in need of some major attention. Before taking it for a spin on opening day of mowing season, spend some time assessing the damage winter storage may have caused.

    To avoid clogging the tractor's engine, change both the oil and fuel to ensure that no dust, moisture or debris has accumulated. Prevent unwanted rusting by lubricating the machine's grease fittings and all other moving parts of the tractor to reduce resistance and pressure.

    Check the filters, blades and belts for wear, replacing if damaged, and change the spark plug to ensure a great start to your engine. Examine the connections on your tractor's DieHard Gold Garden Tractor Battery, and after a quick look for flat tires, start your engine and mow.
  2. Regular Upkeep: Although tractor servicing before the first mow of the year is essential, your machine works hard to keep up with the rapidly growing grass and requires routine maintenance.

    To sustain a clean cut, keep the tractor blades free of grass clippings and dirt by rinsing with soap and water after every mow and drying to prevent rust buildup. Check the pre-cleaner, the foam piece around the air filter, and the engine screen for collecting debris and clean as needed.

    Don't forget to check the fluid levels regularly to make sure your tractor is running efficiently and change the filters when necessary.
  3. Proper Storage: Rain and snow will cause the tractor's exposed metal to rust, and heat and warm weather can tighten joints and wear away the paint.

    The best way to protect your tractor from the weather is to cover and store it in your garage or shed. Keeping your tractor as dry as possible requires little effort but guarantees a longer life for your machine.

    Fully charge your DieHard Gold Garden Tractor Battery with the DieHard shelf charger or DieHard wheeled charger before storing it away and a few times throughout the winter to ensure that it will be ready to run next spring.