How-to’s:Tailgating Like a Pro

Step-by-step Tailgating Like a Pro

The perfect combination of sports, food and fun, this supercharged parking lot picnic demands a secret science jam-packed with manpower, battery power and grill power. Here are some tips on organizing a tailgate party that even the most diehard tailgater won't soon forget.

  1. Manpower: An outdoor party of this scale takes a lot of leg work. Keep on top of every detail by recruiting your best friends, favorite fans and a good cook or two to help with the plans and preparation.

    With your crew assembled, you can start drafting an outline of the menu and individuals' responsibilities and start gathering all the equipment and supplies you need.

    When the day finally arrives, make sure you're blasting some great tunes for your crew. Just hook up your boom box to DieHard portable power, flip the switch and let the tailgating begin.
  2. Battery Power: You've arrived a few hours before the game, and after decorating your car and claiming your turf, you're ready to focus on the real reason you're hanging out in a parking lot — The Game.

    Whether you're using your car radio to listen to the local broadcast or powering a 40" plasma TV, avid tailgaters know that the party can't start until the power is on. That's why you should arm your automobile with a reliable battery that can stand the test of tailgating time — the DieHard Platinum automotive battery. Its innovative design guarantees longer service life, greater reserve capacity and reliable starting power.

    And with a DieHard power inverter, you don't have to worry about all your gadgets draining your juice. Converting your automobile battery's 12-volt DC power to 110-volt AC household electricity, inverters provide continuous power not only for your TV, but for lights, cell phones, small appliances and other electronics.
  3. Grill Power: Even if the game's going downhill, your party doesn't have to. From burgers to brats, chicken and kabobs, the grill's the classic way to serve up good eats and satisfy even the grumpiest tailgater.

    Going electric? Not a problem with DieHard portable power on the scene. With 1150 peak amps and 24" cables, the grill will be sizzling hot in no time.

    Be sure to have plenty of the traditional tailgate classics, too, like chips, dips and belt-busting desserts. If you've got the food under control, you've done your job as the perfect tailgate host.