Diehard Automatic 12 volt 10 amps Battery Charger

Diehard  Automatic  12 volt 10 amps Battery Charger
Item # A023579172 Model # DH137

Diehard Automatic 12 volt 10 amps Battery Charger

DieHard Schumacher Automatic Charger - For Constant Power Supply

The DieHard automatic battery charger is a piece of reliable equipment to power up motors, pumps and other electrical appliances. The compact and space saving design invariably make it easier to be installed in literally any spaces. A significant feature is the built-in microprocessor technology which automatically adjusts the rate to charge and maintain the battery.

  1. Enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your home by having this DieHard automatic battery charger
  2. This power unit is precisely controlled by modern Microprocessor technology
  3. LED indicators and button controls add to the functionality
  4. Space saving design makes it easy to install
  5. Overload, over temperature, high and low battery voltage protection adds durability
  6. Amps: 10A
  7. Volts: 12V
  8. Clamps: 50A
  9. Weight: 4.2lb

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Dimensions and Weight:
Item Weight (lbs.) 8.85
Overall Dimensions 8.8 x 4.8 x 9.5 in
Product Overview:
Material Plastic
Battery Voltage 12
Number of Batteries Included None
Rechargeable Yes



SSIN : A023579172

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PartNumber A023579172
MfgPartNumber DH137
ItemPNO SPM9909688036
BrandName DieHard
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