DieHard Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size EP-65 (Price with Exchange)

DieHard Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size EP-65 (Price with Exchange)
Item # 02850865000P Model # 50865

DieHard Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size EP-65 (Price with Exchange)

DieHard Gold Automotive Battery Size 65 Cures Corrosion

Save your car from flat lining with the DieHard Battery 65. Much like a person, the length of a battery's life depends on its habits. If it leaks, loses electrolytes and is sensitive to corrosion, sooner or later, that dreaded light on the dashboard will flash, and it will die. This battery has an entire remedial system that keeps its core strong, while external features guard it against damage. The demineralized acid and alloy grids stop it from dehydrating, while the flush manifold vented cover preserves electrolytes. The sturdy, high-CCA heart gives your engine a power push for an effortless start each time. It's backed up by 140 minutes of reserve capacity to keep lights and other electrical devices on when the car is off.

The DieHard Gold Automotive Battery Size 65 has a tough exterior to defend it against damage and protect you from danger. The flame-retardant vents and covers stub out potential of fire and keep you safe during inspections. This battery not only protects you from harm but keeps your car in great shape for miles to come.

  • The DieHard Battery 65 uses demineralized acid and full-frame calcium-lead alloy grids to stop the battery from losing water
  • It has an 880 CCA for a powerful start every time, especially if you live in an area with a colder climate
  • The reserve capacity gives your electrical devices 140 minutes to stay on when the car is off. In case of emergency, you'll have more than two hours to drive to a garage or your destination
  • It is designed to resist the loss of electrolytes with plenty of help from the flush manifold vented cover
  • Flame-retardants vents and heat-sealed prevent fires and emission of dangerous vapors during maintenance
  • The carrying handle makes it easily moveable
  • With the battery, you'll receive a 36-month free replacement limited warranty 


Item Weight (lbs.) 45.5
Length (in.) 12
Group Size 65
Height (in.) 7.6
Power Ratings:
Reserve Capacity (RC) 140
Design & Construction:
Temperate Zone North
Terminal Post Location Top
Battery Grade DieHard Gold
Maintenance Maintenance Free
Positive Terminal Side Left
Battery Design Lead-Acid
Warranties & Coverage:
Free Replacement Warranty Term 36 months
Power & Performance:
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA at 0 deg.F) 880


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MfgPartNumber 50865
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