DieHard Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size JC-49 (Price with Exchange)

DieHard Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size JC-49 (Price with Exchange)
Item # 02851849000P Model # 51849

DieHard Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size JC-49 (Price with Exchange)

DieHard Gold Automotive Battery Size 49 Powers From the Start

If your car doesn't like to start on chilly mornings, it's time to replace your with the reliable DieHard Gold Car Battery 49. This battery has an impressively high 900 CCA, so your car will start on the first try, even in cold, snoy weather. Turn on the heater and jumpstart your day with your favorite music because this battery has 150 minutes reserve capacity. That means your lights, radio and other electric equipment can stay on longer when the car is off. It also means the battery will keep running for more than two hours after the alternator crashes.

The DieHard Gold Automotive Battery Size 49 is easy to maintain and has excellent features to ensure long life. It uses demineralized acid and can simply be filled up with distilled water. The flame-retardant safety vents and case protect you from fires and toxic fumes, making this one of the most trustworthy, safe and hardworking batteries around. We also give you built in security with a 36-month free replacement nationwide warranty.

  • The DieHard Gold Car Battery 49 is a great fit for most passenger cars and trucks
  • It has a 900 CCA that makes starting your car easy even in the coldest weather
  • The 150-minute reserve capacity gives your car enough time to keep going after the alternator breaks down. You can also operate electrical equipment for longer periods of time when your car isn't on
  • Because it is maintenance-free, it requires fewer checkups.
  • When you do top it up, you can use distilled water because of the demineralized battery acid
  • The heat-sealed case and flame-retardant, removable safety vents prevent fires, punctures, explosions and minimizes the risk of inhaling toxic fumes
  • It has a carrying handle for easy removal and carry
  • It has a 36-month free replacement limited warranty


Item Weight (lbs.) 46.0
Length (in.) 13.4
Group Size 49
Height (in.) 6.8
Power Ratings:
Reserve Capacity (RC) 150
Design & Construction:
Temperate Zone North
Terminal Post Location Top
Battery Grade DieHard Gold
Maintenance Maintenance Free
Positive Terminal Side Right
Battery Design Lead-Acid
Warranties & Coverage:
Free Replacement Warranty Term 36 months
Power & Performance:
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA at 0 deg.F) 900


ItemPNO 02851849000
BrandName DieHard
SoldBy Sears
MfgPartNumber 51849
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