It's time to

You are driven by passion and a never-give-up attitude — and so are we.

DieHard Silver

Surge Ahead

Rain, sleet, heat, snow — it doesn't matter. Because unplanned stops are unacceptable — rugged and stubborn DieHard tires keep your vehicle in motion and your day on track.

Get Moving
DieHard Charge

Battery Confidence Anywhere

Check and charge your battery from your device with the Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Charger and Maintainer.

DieHard Gold

Power Your Everyday

Rain, sleet, heat, snow — it doesn’t matter. Backed by a half-century legacy, DieHard is America’s most recognized automotive battery brand and creator of the #1 rated battery.*

DieHard Gold

Jump And Charge On The Go

The Compact Lithium Jump Starter + Phone Charger can top off your phone or jump a 6-cylinder engine.